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Vince Gill Helping America’s Best Communities to Support Small Towns. “”

January 16, 2015

photo by Carissa Riccardi

One of country’s true good guys, Vince Gill, displayed his generous spirit once again when he announced that he will be joining a partnership called America’s Best Communities, Thursday (Jan. 15), at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. Vince took the stage with the CEOs of Frontier Communications, DISH Network Corp. and Co Bank to announce the partnership, which aims to revitalize small towns and cities across America.

America’s Best Communities will reward small towns that demonstrate and submit sound business plans for economic development. The program has already drawn more than 200 applicants. Fifty quarter-finalists will be selected in April and awarded development funds for their projects. At the end of the competition in 2017, one community will receive $3 million in prize money to be used to implement their improvement plans. Funds will also be awarded to second- and third-place winners.

Addressing guests and media, Vince shared his enthusiasm for the project. “I love the spirit of rural America,” said the Oklahoma native. “My family came from rural roots. People scratched life out of the dirt. I would not have a career if it weren’t for small towns.” Vince added that he felt “very grateful” to be involved in the program.

Following the announcement, Vince told Country Weekly that small towns are the true backbone of America. “They feed the country—they protect the country,” Vince said. “People in small towns do a lot of things for us that really go unnoticed. What this program is going to do is make where they live even better. How can that not be a great thing?”



  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. It lead me to yours – very nice work! I’m a big Vince Gill fan, both the music and the man. Nice piece!


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