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January 3, 2016

Maybe Taylor Swift does not sound so country anymore, but I believe she is still part of the country music world, and always will be.  There is no doubt that she sings and writes better then ever now, Taylor swift has been working hard to develop a fantastic pop music voice style,and its really starting to show with her last few releases.  I just watched and listened to out of the woods, for the first time and loved the Melody and the great hook. the video productions was amazing and  fantastic, and of course a bit out there as well, but none the less still a great watch.    This is honestly one artist that I love to follow, cause I know she is going to always improve and always bring music that is  new and fresh and what she wants.   She is a born creator and leader and Taylor Swift is so far from the cookie cutter industry standards, and that is what makes her so special, and is why the world follows and watches her career so close.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is stunning, but that is just my opinion 🙂


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  1. I love this artist she deserves everything she has.


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